MV Mito maiden call at Koper / ONE AIB Service

On 22nd August MV Mito made its maiden call in Koper as part of the new AIB service, operated by Ocean Network Express (ONE).

This service now acts as a bridge, connecting Egyptian and Israeli ports with the Adriatic, fostering trade and economic cooperation between regions that hold unique economic strengths.
The decision to make Koper the first port of call in the Adriatic for the maiden AIB service reflects its strategic positioning. Serving the South East European market, the port has gained recognition as the first container terminal in the Adriatic surpassing 1 million TEUs in 2022.

With stops at ports including Damietta, Venice, Ancona, Piraeus, Alexandria, Haifa, and Ashdod, the service establishes connections not only to this Mediterranean but also Far East and N. American destinations.

Looking ahead, the launch of the AIB service is a step toward a sustained trade connection. The service will operate on a weekly basis with 3 vessels in the loop.


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